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Producer/Director /Sceanario 박재천-Park Je Chun
Music 미연-Miyeon

It's a newly created work presented by the Committee of JISF where the blockbuster level Shimcheong is born again, which only JISF can show. 'Cheong Alive', the opening performance of the 2014 Jeonju Int'l Sori Festival, reconstitutes Pansori Shimcheong-ga into a creative musical, blending images and performance, while making use of visual effects. With spectacles and delicate emotional touch, it gives a fresh and extreme shock to the audience who have been eager for new styles of performance. It is a special chance to explore the various possibility of change of Pansori and check out the new aspects of the 21st century traditional arts. It will proceed like a large scale Pansori concert, like a new unprecedented prototype of traditional musical, and will be shown with fancy media and images awakening your five senses. By the time the ending credits roll over, the audience will be as fully satisfied as if they had watched a good movie.


Drummer/김청만(special feat.).김규형,김일,윤준호,김수현,안연섭,최만,김찬호, 김우경,심준보,김준모

Assit. director 오준석
Choreography 이나현
Acting coach 김현아
Pansori coach 방수미
Midi arr. 김정현
Technical director 박기남
Scenic designer 김대한 김정현 조유진
Visual media 장수호
Video production 중앙대학교 DATA+ 연구실
Lighting designer 임재덕
Lighting system 강상모 (윈스토리)
Lighting programer 김혜진
Sound design &System 최동복 송성현 (라이브 미소)
Video system우기하 (비쥬얼 케이)
Broad cast이철승 (미디어 웍스)
Stage manager 한희태 박수예
Mak-up designer 김진숙 김연진 이송이 신송하
Costume designer 장윤정
무대제작 강승모